LA Artists The Vegan Boyz Songwriting Trio US Tour Show Dates Postponed

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The tour dates for The Vegan Boyz' US shows have been postponed due to difficulties presented by the pandemic. Fans will now have to wait to hear the band's popular songs live, including “Superstar”, “Call My Name”, and “What Does It Mean?”

Artist Zen Ken, of the Vegan Boyz, has announced a further postponement of their concert tour dates due to the ongoing pandemic. The renowned songwriting trio came together in 2019 with a full USA tour planned, but the current situation has led to further postponement.

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The new announcement comes after continuing difficulty for the live music scene due to the impact of the virus. The Vegan Boyz were excited to get on stage and play their debut single “Superstar”, along with previously unheard music.

While the live dates have been rescheduled, fans are still able to hear their music on all major streaming platforms. “Superstar” is available to listen to now, giving fans the chance to prepare for the rescheduled dates.

Zen Ken explains that his love of music comes from the ability to have a profound effect on mood. This includes confidence level or how relaxed people may feel. Music was the catalyst behind his rediscovery of joy and passion, which he has found even more crucial in these difficult times.

Zen Ken is an entrepreneur as well as a musician, and has owned multiple companies that advise billionaires, bestselling authors, and Olympic athletes on human Optimization. His work focuses on making a direct impact on people’s quality of life, and now he has added music to this due to its ability to heal the soul.

The Vegan Boyz are a songwriting trio who are gaining traction and attention for their unique, catchy and positive lyrics. In a time where many people around the US are feeling anxious or stressed, fans are finding welcome relief in The Vegan Boyz and their music.

The group formed in 2019 as Zen Ken pursued his passion of songwriting and music production on a full-time basis. While fans will now have to wait longer for the highly anticipated new tour, The Vegan Boyz are committed to carrying out the full tour when it becomes possible.

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