L.A. Sugar Craft Celebrating the Season With a Life Like Zombie Halloween Cake

Calgary, Alberta's Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft has built a sparkling reputation for their small classes teaching enthusiastic students how to make stunning cakes. To celebrate the Halloween season, the Academy created a life like Zombie Cake for Halloween. The response has been passionate.

October 17, 2017

Many people would love to be able to bake their own cakes, but they never give it a try thinking it’s too hard. In Calgary, Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft is demonstrating that’s not true at all. Offering small classes that quickly have their student making jaw dropping creations, the academy is winning high praise in Calgary and around the world. In an example of their fun spirit the Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft created a life like Zombie Cake for Halloween. And their students couldn’t have been happier.

“Anything you see you can make it out of cake,” commented Lesi Lambert, Professional Cake Designer and owner of the academy. “Cake art isn’t rocket science it’s only food, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty anything is possible.”

The Academy offers a Professional Cake Designer Certification Program that is a 5-week intensive 180 hour curriculum designed for those who want to run a business baking and decorating high quality cakes. Students come out of this program and run their own home based cake decorating businesses. Some set up shops and others use their knowledge and skills to work with world renowned cake designers.

For information on the Professional Cake Designer Certification Program go to http://lesiskitchen.com/professional-cake-designer…

Fun and affordable hobby classes are held weekly. Interactive Parties for birthdays, 3 day kids cake camps, date nights out for couples, stagettes, private classes and much more are also held at the Academy.

For class information go to http://lesiskitchen.com/cake-decorating-shop-all

Feedback from students has been positive across the board and many students return for multiple classes as they look forward to being taught the newest cake designs.

Christine C., from Calgary, recently said, “It was so much fun and a great learning experience taking a class at Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft. I was able to make an amazing cake and I’ll definitely be back for a new class soon.”

For more information be sure to visit http://lambertacademy.ca

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