Kyoto Collection Now Offers Free Shipping On All Orders in the USA

Kyoto Collection is an online store offering authentic Japanese fabrics, Tenugui, and Furoshiki cloths imported direct from Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto Collection is now offering free shipping on all orders to anywhere in the USA.

Kyoto Collection is an online marketplace for authentic Japanese fabrics, Tenugui, and Furoshiki cloths. The website was launched to extend the reach of these traditional cloths to those in America who are experiencing a renaissance in Japanese interest.

When English teacher Gary Bloom first arrived in Japan 18 years ago he probably did not expect that he would one day be selling beautiful Tenugui and Furoshiki items online. He was there to teach and also learn. After years of living in Japan and growing to love its tradition and eclectic fusion with technology, Bloom began to use Etsy as a way to share items that he had grown to love in Japan. Today, the Kyoto Collection website provides a better means for American buyers to purchase authentic Japanese fabrics, Tenugui, and Furoshiki cloths.

These fine patterned cloths have been used by Japanese as towels (Tenugui) or carrying cloths (Furoshiki) traditionally. However, foreigners and even some Japanese have found decorative and inspired uses for the delicate fabrics. “People love the designs, mostly,” says Bloom. “The cherry blossom trees, rabbits, and falling leaves are very popular with people and really evoke a sense of the traditional form.”

While the original use for Furoshiki was to carry items, many buyers also use them as wall art or in other projects. The square size makes them useful in any number of artistic endeavors. Bloom wanted to provide a plethora of choices in these cloths, from famed prints such as “The Wave” or “Three Beauties” to the more modern, popular “Kotaro the Cat” scenes for the Furoshiki. For the Tenugui he has curated a mix of traditional prints and the now popular “Star Wars” collection. “Tenugui are traditional “towels” of a bandana like cotton that can be used on the head or on the waist to absorb sweat or wipe the hands or can be used as a decoration,” says Bloom. “The Japanese are very practical and versatile people.”

According to Bloom, “our prices have always been very reasonable, but now we offer free shipping on all orders to anywhere in the USA. This represents a real value and cost savings to all of our customers, because shipping an individual item from Japan can be very expensive.”

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