KW Cares and Liberty Mutual Team Up for Charitable Cause

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KW Cares and Liberty Lending are working together to help victims of disasters and emergencies. They support three causes: Ryan’s Well, Homes For Our Troops, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

St. Louis, Missouri (March 30, 2018)—In a concerted effort to live up to its name, a St. Louis charity named KW Cares is offering disaster/emergency funding to the families of its associates. The non-profit is an offshoot of Keller Williams, a St. Louis-based real estate company that decided it was time to give back. As an expression of their goals, the company sought after and attained 503 status, which allows them to accept donations on behalf of those in need. Those in need include men, women, and children across the country who have suffered from catastrophes like wildfires and droughts.

Beside their main objective, KW Cares also gives a percentage of their received donations to three causes: 1) Ryan’s Well, a charity that helps deprived countries secure clean water; 2) Homes For Our Troops, which donates homes to veterans who served in the U.S. military after 9-11; and 3) the MD Anderson Cancer Center, which supports a multitude of programs working together to find a cure. The outgoing tithes complete a four-pronged approach to giving, which KW Cares supports with tax-deductible, tax-exempt donations. Their status in line with the government as a 503 charity lends an air of trustworthiness, as the IRS does not grant such leniencies unless the operation is really making a difference.

Last year, KW took in so many donations that keeping up with the inpouring and their own business became a challenge. A good problem to have, and one they hope to alleviate by bring another company into the fold. To become a more effective charitable organization, KW Cares announced plans to join Liberty Consultants, another St. Louis-based real estate company who seeks to give back as well. Their agreement will signify a joining of two major St. Louis realty companies, which means a larger pool of dedicated personnel to engage with their respective communities and handle the paperwork. Moreover, the two companies’ combined resources should expand their access to potential donors, where each cause involved should benefit from the exposure. To find out more about how you can give to KW Cares and their causes, you can visit their official website here.

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