Kubotan Self-Defense Pepper Spray Personal Alarm Protection Devices Released

Online self-defense device store, Protection Bay, has released an updated range of personal and home protection products for individuals looking to safeguard their personal safety and homes.

Protection Bay, an online store specializing in personal and home protection devices, released an updated range of its products for individuals looking to equip themselves or their homes with self-defense devices for their personal and home safety.

More information can be found at http://protectionbay.com

The latest update aims to provide affordable and reliable personal and home protection devices that customers can carry with them for their personal safety, or install in their homes for added security.

In today’s world, a crime can take place anywhere including at home, in the neighborhood, or at the workplace. Large and small cities across the United States have reported a major increase in homicide rates exacerbated by the current pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial that people remain vigilant when leaving their homes and do not take their personal safety for granted.

Protection Bay online store offers a wide variety of personal protection devices that are affordable and convenient to carry along for their personal safety, especially when traveling alone. This includes pepper sprays, kubotans, personal alarms, tasers, safety lights, stun guns, self-defense key chains, telescopic steel batons, and knives.

In addition to personal safety devices, the online store also features a range of practical and cost-effective home protection devices such as home alarms, dummy surveillance cameras, hidden surveillance cameras, diversion safes, and many more. These home protection devices aim to give homeowners an added sense of security.

According to their website, customers who submit their email addresses will receive a 15 percent rebate on their purchase. For orders over $50, customers will receive free shipping.

With the rise in crime rates in all parts of the country and worldwide in general, safeguarding oneself with personal and home protection devices can complement common-sense crime prevention skills.

The latest update is in line with Protection Bay’s commitment to providing reliable and affordable personal and home protection solutions to customers around the country.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://protectionbay.com

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