Kowa BDII-XD Waterproof Compact Binoculars For Hunting Product Launched

Sharp Shooter Optics, the online sporting optics store, have announced the launch of the Kowa BDII-XD. These high-performance compact binoculars offer several practical advantages for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sharp Shooter Optics, the online sports optical store, have introduced new high-performance compact binoculars to the USA market. The Kowa BDII-XD combines a 6.5 x 32 wide angle of view with superior optics and rugged construction.

For more information please visit the website here: https://sharpshooteroptics.com/products/kowa-bdii-xd-6-5×32-wide-angle-binoculars

The Kowa BDII-XD Series combines the high standards of construction and optical engineering excellence expected from a leading brand in the sports binocular market. The XD high resolution objective lenses provide more light transmission with edge-to-edge clarity and virtually no color blur.

Sharp Shooter Optics explain that the rugged rubber construction of these binoculars make them ideal for outdoor use, particularly in bad weather. When it’s raining outside in the woods or in the hills, the rubber hand grips make it easier to hold onto, and the rugged waterproof rubber housing also offers protection against water.

The 6.5 x 32 field of view is wide angle to enables users to quickly find the subject, which is especially valuable when looking for moving animals or birds. There is also a twist-up eye cup to enhance easy viewing.

The binoculars are constructed from lightweight aluminium and magnesium and weigh just 18.5 ounces, ensuring the new Kowa BDII-XD binoculars are light enough for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to carry and use all day.

While the primary use of these high-performance binoculars will be to focus on distant objects, the fast focus ring allows users to focus right down to 4.25 feet. This makes them ideal for close identification of butterflies, dragonflies or bees – or any other creatures of interest that are seen outdoors. The binoculars are also ideal for water sports enthusiasts as their rugged rubber coating can be relied to keep the water out on deck or on a boating trip.

The site states: “The Kowa BDII-XD Series is uncompromising in it’s engineering. The XD high resolution objective lenses provide more light transmission with edge to edge clarity and virtually no color blur.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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