Kotton Grammer and Film Studio Announce New Online Video Series Partnership

Kotton Grammer Media and M3 Studios have announced a formal partnership for ''Clicks Beat Bricks' their latest online video series geared to helping business owners grow their business through the power of the internet.

Kotton Grammer Internet Media and M3 Studios will be working together on their newest launch for the online series ‘Clicks Beat Bricks’ – how to use the power of the internet to transform a business starting April 3, 2017. These two companies have a wealth of experience in their respective fields and will combine their knowledge to create a series of online content aimed at business owners. The new series was created with the purpose of educating local businesses on the power of online marketing. Through short insightful segments, business owners will learn such fundamentals as, how to properly optimize their website, creating a foundation for growth online, the 5 mistakes business owners are doing online, and how to increase profits by being more visible on the internet. Kotton Grammer is no stranger to helping give actionable insights to business owners as the search engine optimization expert has appeared in numerous national publications including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Tech.co where he provided insights into search engine optimization and digital strategies that are winning in today’s online landscape. Kotton is a nationally recognized SEO expert having over 30 number #1 rankings in major cities throughout the United States. The online series was the brainchild of Henry from Online Impact 360 a Miami SEO company, who created the series after working under the guidance of Grammer.

“As I was scaling my digital agency I was looking to improve my process and strategies, a mutual friend connected me to Kotton. Right away I was blown away by his knowledge and expertise. I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years and have worked with major music artist and brands and the strategies Kotton shared with me I have not come across even as I’ve dealt with some of the smartest marketers in the business. I’ve optimized and changed processes within my own agency with the advice I have received. He has a way of explaining concepts that can be confounding and simplifying them in understandable chunks. He’s also charismatic which works well in teaching I knew he would be a good fit for this.” said Henry Cedeno owner of Online Impact 360

The filming location for the new series will be famed movie facility M3 Studios, a well-known production studio in the heart of Miami. M3 Studios most recently made the news in December 2016 having hosted Youtube Spaces Pop-Up. The idea behind the creation of YouTube Space was to promote three most notable principles of YouTube: Learn; Share and Create. M3 Studios was the ideal partner for Google as a location. M3 Studios is the ideal partner to execute this series based on their deep experience and track record in film, production and digital content. The film studio is a complete one stop shop for the filming of projects, having access to equipment, studio space, green screens, post-production, and music. Kotton Grammar review which toured the studio was impressed with its size, staff, amenities and the studio’s track record in producing high quality content.

The series will begin to film in late April 2017 and film throughout the coming months due to Kotton’s busy schedule. A release date for the series is currently being considered as third-party media companies have expressed interest in distributing the online series. Viewers can also expect to see guest appearances on the show segments, with additional leaders in the world of digital marketing, sit together with business owners who have been able to transform their business implementing these strategies.

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About M3 Studios: M3 Studios is the largest multimedia television and film production studio facility in South Florida, with 7 film studios, 3 CYC walls, green screen studio, 6 editing bays, and over 122,000 sq. ft. of production studio space, and 60,000 sq. ft. of “flexible office space”

About Kotton Grammer Media: An American Internet entrepreneur known for founding Kotton Grammer Media in 2013 a multi-million dollar internet advertising & media company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). Kotton has consulted/advised over 10,000 digital marketing agencies and has been featured in publications including, Inc.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Tech.co & Forbes.com

About Online Impact 360: Online Impact 360 is a premier digital marketing agency with a strategic focus on SEO, web design, & social media advertising. With a background working digital marketing campaigns for major music artist the company now brings its expertise and experience to traditional businesses. The agency has developed numerous website projects for major brands.

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