Kosi Stobbs Redefines Entrepreneurial Stereotype With Modern-Day Mindset

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Property Owl Group Of Companies Owner Kosi Stobbs penned F$CK BROKE: LET’S GET RICH, a manifesto to limitless success and modern-day affluence so anyone can become a top money earner.

First-generation Canadian Kosi Stobbs decided at a young age that he never wanted to live paycheck to paycheck, and he’s since revolutionized the way people can build wealth around the world.

By investing, saving, and spending wisely, Stobbs met the first of his monetary goals by the age of 30. He now owns multiple seven and eight figure businesses, has a real estate portfolio valued at over $50 million, was named Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and Vancouver’s Forty under 40 in 2020, and is the a first-time author of a millionaire’s manifesto.

Kosi Stobbs had a recent goal to redefines entrepreneurial stereotypes in North America and that generational wealth is unnecessary when it comes to financial freedom. His book F$CK BROKE, GET RICH, is his way to mentor a new upbringing of entrepreneurs who don’t quite fit the entrepreneurial mold.

Stobbs holds nothing back in F$CK BROKE, GET RICH and is being quoted as a must read for anyone looking to enter the modern-day world of business ownership.

Stobbs starts his book simply. “I’m not your average ‘guru,’ telling you the platitudes and niceties that make you feel good.” He writes: “Do you think I would proudly blast you with profanity on the cover of my book if I wanted to be nice to you? Think again. I’m not a guru. I’m the guy that tells you like it is.”

F$CK BROKE, GET RICH is out now and is anyone’s guide to modern-day mindset shifts of limitless success.

About Kosi Stobbs

Kosi Stobbs is a first-generation Canadian whose parents immigrated from Jamaica. He’s made a name for himself in the business world by doing things his own way. He now owns Property Owl Group Of Companies, a diversified portfolio of companies that Stobbs has created long-term growth opportunities for, and has become a multiple-eight figure earner because of it. More information about Kosi Stobbs can be found on his website: www.kosistobbs.com

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