Knoxville TN Social Security Disability Lawyer Benefits Services Launched

Knoxville, TN law firm Wykoff and Sikes has launched their Social Security Disability services to help clients obtain a favorable outcome for their disability benefits application.

Wykoff and Sikes, PLLC, a law firm serving Knoxville and the rest of Eastern Tennessee, has launched their Social Security Disability benefits services aimed at helping clients process their disability claims. The services encompass all stages of the application process, from the preparation of the necessary medical proof to representation in any required hearing before the Office of Hearing Operations.

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Wykoff and Sikes launched their Social Security Disability services to assist clients in receiving the benefits they deserve and avoiding errors that can delay the approval process or lead to a denial. The firm is experienced in building each client’s case to meet the criteria set out by the Social Security Administration in assessing disability claims.

Social Security Disability benefits often serve as a lifeline for individuals who have difficulty getting gainful employment because of an injury or a medical condition. Filing for these benefits, however, is more complex than it appears. The Social Security Administration has established a broad range of criteria for disability benefits, and each one comes with specific requirements that must be met for eligibility.

Wykoff and Sikes’s services start with a thorough assessment of each case to identify the type of benefit the client may be eligible for. The attorneys will then help their client gather the medical records and evidence needed to support their application, while seeing to it that all crucial deadlines are met.

In addition, Wykoff and Sikes will represent their clients before an Administrative Law judge should a hearing be required. There are generally three stages in the disability benefits application process: the initial application, reconsideration, and hearing. In Tennessee, the majority of applications go to the hearing stage.

Wykoff and Sikes are well versed in what an Administrative Law Judge wants to see when your case is heard. They will prepare your electronic records and a brief for the case explaining why your claim should be approved. The lawyers are also experienced in preparing clients to testify before a judge and present a strong case for their application.

Wayne Wykoff and Cort Sikes are veteran attorneys with more than forty years of combined experience. In addition to Social Security Disability services, their practice areas include bankruptcy, family law mediation, child support, personal injury, and more.

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