Knoxville TN Locksmith Customers epayment Pay Before Dispatch Service Launched

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Xpress-pay has launched its contactless payment system for emergency locksmiths in the Knoxville, Tennessee area as a convenient and secure way for customers to pay a deposit prior to dispatch.

Xpress-pay has launched its contactless digital payment solution for locksmiths in Knoxville, Tennessee. The system allows the companies to collect a deposit prior to dispatching a technician, vastly reducing the number of “gone-on-arrival” calls.

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The launch of Xpress-pay is well received by locksmith shops for its cost-saving potential and by customers for its convenience and security.

Contactless payments are on the rise in the U.S. due to the pandemic, according to Forbes.

The epayment option is of particular importance to locksmith shops, which are open round the clock to respond to emergency calls. Contactless payment is a transaction that takes place before dispatch, which solves a common problem in which the locksmith arrives but the customer is gone.

Using Xpress-pay, when the customer calls dispatch, they are forwarded via their smartphone to a website to enter their information and directly authorize payment of the deposit. No app is needed.

Xpress-pay is convenient for customers to use on any device with their credit card information safeguarded in a digital wallet. The customer receives a receipt immediately upon payment.

Meanwhile, the locksmith does not dispatch the technician until payment is made, eliminating operating costs associated with the lost staff time and vehicle wear and tear of “gone on arrival” calls.

In addition, the locksmith can recover credit card fees from their merchant credit account. Charge-backs and liability are limited because customers authorize payments themselves.

Xpress-pay is available at a low monthly fee to the company and supports multiple payment options. In addition to collecting a deposit or down payment at the time of mobile booking, the system can collect the balance immediately upon completion of the service.

Xpress-pay provides locksmiths with guidance on ways to leverage contactless payment to present a professional transaction experience, reduce operating costs, simplify accounts receivable administration, and integrate with third-party systems and applications.

“I like the professionalism Xpress-pay gives my company,” a client said on their website. “My customers are not giving someone a credit card number over the phone. Everything is in their hands.”

Locksmiths can find further information and schedule a free live demo at the website above.

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