Knoxville Pediatric Dentists Contactless Payment And Booking Platform Launched

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Grab Customers is now providing the opportunity for pediatric dentists in the Knoxville area to benefit from contactless booking and payment methods. This service allows customers to avoid face to face interaction and encourages dentists to abide by CDC guidelines during the current pandemic.

Grab Customers, a contactless payment and booking options provider based in Westport Connecticut launched their services to pediatric dentists in the Knoxville area. This service allows clients to make efficient and completely contactless bookings, as well as partial or full payments which can be made immediately after the child’s dental appointment.

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Pediatric dental clinics in the Knoxville area can now benefit from contactless booking and payment methods, which in the current public health climate, can prove to be a major advantage for retaining and/or increasing customer base.

Due to the risk of virus exposure in the current pandemic, allowing clients an alternative to in-person transactions is key to maintaining a successful business model. Pediatric dentists in the Knoxville area can schedule a free live demo by filling in the appropriate forms on the aforementioned website. The well trained staff team can provide support and solutions regarding booking appointments and contactless payments for their pediatric dental services.

Grab Customers works closely with each one of their clients to provide the most efficient and easy to learn digital contactless payment system, which is beneficial for both the business and the customer.

The contactless booking appointment and payment system for pediatric dentists in the Knoxville area, makes it easier for dentists to abide by the CDC Guidance for Dental Services during the current pandemic. Transitioning to a contactless booking and payment method will provide increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiency for dental practice and reduced risk of virus exposure. By scheduling a free live demo, Knoxville pediatric dentists can properly grasp the benefits of this service.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most clients would be happy to pay immediately if an easy option was offered to them”. Grab Customers provides this option.

Interested parties can find additional information at the above-mentioned website.

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