Knoxville Foundation Repair Basement Problems Warning Signs Report Launched

Tennessee Foundation Repair Specialists have announced the launch of a new report on the importance of checking foundation repair warning signs. The company says checking early can help avoid expensive repair costs.

A Knoxville foundation repair expert has launched a new report on the importance of keeping on top of foundation and basement waterproof problems. Tennessee Foundation Repair Specialists say that the average cost of foundation repair in Knoxville is almost $7,000 against the national average of just $4,000, and home owners are ignoring the early warning signs that can help save them money by catching damage early.

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The Knoxville foundation repair specialist explains that it is vital to check early warning signs in order to save costs. These early warning signs can include obvious things like cracks in the walls, which are usually easy to spot and can show that foundations might have been compromised. Home owners are told to look out for jagged cracks at 45 degree angles and get in touch with specialists if they find them.

If windows or doors stick and prove difficult to open, this could also be a sign of foundation problems. Windows that consistently stick, especially when it’s not immediately apparent why, can be an indicator that the foundations have moved and shifted the window frame out of balance, preventing it from opening or closing properly.

Tennessee Foundation Repair Specialists also emphasise that it’s not just the floor, windows and walls where warning signs can be found. It’s also important to look up near the top of the house. They say that when a foundation has been compromised, home owners should carefully check the top story of their home from the outside. They can do this using a ladder to ensure they’re checking properly, looking for cracks above and around the window frames.

Knoxville residents concerned about the safety of their home, whether with foundation problems or basement waterproofing problems, can find full service details that Tennessee Foundation Repair Specialists offer on the company’s official website. A frequently asked questions page is also available to allay concerns about the process. Interested parties can also get in touch using the contact form provided, or by calling the company on (865) 240-2647.

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