Knightdale NC Carpet Cleaning Oriental Rugs Spot Stain Removal Services Launched

A new oriental rug spot removal service has been launched in Knightsdale, North Carolina. The technicians are bonded and insured. Complimentary consultations are being booked at (919) 948-3100.

BB Cleaning has launched spot and stain removal service for rare and authentic oriental rugs in Knightsdale, North Carolina. They are certified, licensed, and bonded to treat oriental rugs in residential and commercial settings.

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The launch of oriental rug cleaning and spot removal was prompted after the company received numerous requests for help to remove stains and spots from expensive and rare oriental rugs in Knightsdale. After researching the situation these carpet cleaning professionals discovered that no other company in the area was removing spot and stains from oriental rugs and carpets in the Knightdale area.

So BB Cleaning, a carpet cleaning company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has now officially announced its oriental rug services in Knightsdale and is scheduling complimentary consultations for home and business owners throughout the area.

Spots and stains on oriental carpets and rugs in Knightsdale that will be addressed by this company include coffee, Kool-Aid, blood, ink, alcoholic beverages, colas, food dyes, berries, jelly, milk, ice cream, gravy, washable ink, wet, urine, feces, fat, wax, oil, glue, gum, wax, chocolate, mustard, tea, vomit, and red wine.

The technicians at this carpet cleaning company have been trained in various types of Oriental, Persian, and Islamic Rugs. Those include Oriental Rugs made of wool, silk, and cotton.

Each material must be treated differently and horror stories abound from inexperienced individuals attempting to remove a stain or spot. The company highly recommends they or another competent spot and stain specialist trained on Oriental Rugs be contacted the moment a stain or spot is detected.

The company has experience in Abadeh Rugs, Afshar Rugs, Ardebil Rugs, Bakhtiari Rugs, Baluch Rugs, Bibikabad Rugs, Bidjar Rugs, and countless others. Each rug must be treated as unique so as not to damage the material in any way.

The new Oriental Rug service in Knightsdale is prepared to treat spots and stains on rugs from Morocco, China, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, Maghreb, Caucasus, India, and Pakistan.

BB Cleaning is a fully licensed and certified carpet cleaning company with advanced training in spot removal from the most expensive carpeting and rugs. For clients looking for expert spot and stain removal from Oriental rugs, BB Cleaning can provide the specialized service they are searching for to safeguard the value of their Persian rug.

The launch of Oriental Rug cleaning in Knightsdale by this professional carpet cleaning company gives residents and business owners a safe and reliable solution to spots and stains on these valuable assets.

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