Knife Defense Video Demonstrating a Life Saving Technique Can be Viewed Online, a self defense website, launched a short training video on an effective way to stop a knife attacker. The video focuses on using the most effective trapping technique against a knife attacker. The video is designed for all self defense skill levels.

A knife defense video named “Super Effective Way to Stop a Knife Attacker” was uploaded on the YouTube channel of Code Red Defense and can be watched today. Code Red Defense specializes in self defense techniques for civilians. The system has been founded by Patrick V and Nick Drossos. The two self defense practitioners have an extensive knowledge in hand to hand combat, personal protection and security.

The video demonstrates a special trapping clothing technique to prevent a knife attacker from stabbing someone. The trapping technique gives an advantage to the person defending and makes it much harder for the knife attacker to continue with his intentions.

Knife attacks can happen so fast, that it’s important to react quickly when defending. Every second counts and it’s important to counter strike immediately. The instructions provided in the self defense video are very clear about that.

Furthermore, the knife defense instructor explains how to trap properly for maximum effect. In that case, the defender uses the attacker’s jacket sleeve to trap the knife hand. It makes the trap much more secure compared to trapping the wrist.

Obviously, this particular knife defense tip cannot be applied if the attacker is not wearing a jacket, but the principle of trapping clothing can also be used with a t-shirt or any other long sleeve shirt.

Trapping the clothes of the attacker can limit movements and make it much more difficult for an attacker to continue with the attack. If the option is there, it can be taken, if not, the person defending must rely on other defensive tactics and striking options to eliminate the threat.

More self defense videos can viewed directly on the Code Red Defense YouTube channel. The channel has several personal protection video clips that can be watched to enhance personal safety.

For interested parties, Code Red Defense also offers complete instructional videos on their website. The videos can be found here:

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