Knee Replacement Nashville TN Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Service Launched

A newly updated stem cell treatment and PRP therapy service has been launched by Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics. Dr Ethan Kellum prides himself on high quality service and excellent results.

Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics has launched a newly updated service to provide patients with the best treatment options in the local area. They are specialists in stem cell therapy and platelet rich therapy, helping to manage joint pain without surgery.

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The site explains that Dr Ethan Kellum is a leading orthopedic surgeon based in Nashville, Tennessee. He specializes in stem cell therapy, PRP and prolo therapy as an effective alternative to surgery.

One of the clinic’s specialist options is Regenexx Stem Cell Therapy. Alongside their platelet rich therapy, patients can get in touch for holistic orthopedic surgery alternative options.

Dr Ethan Kellum is known for his high quality service and commitment to getting patients the best results. He is excited about bringing the emerging and innovative field of interventional and regenerative orthopedics to the Nashville area.

He is a sports medicine fellowshipped trained orthopedic surgeon, and has an intimate knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and joint conditions.

Anyone who is suffering from knee issues and has been told they need a knee replacement is encouraged to get in touch. With Regenexx patented stem cell procedures, patients can get the world’s most advanced stem cell therapy procedures.

The team explains that their number one priority is to produce the best outcomes for their patients. Stem cells act as repairmen for the body, and can get unprecedented results when repairing injured areas.

The Regenexx Procedures help to solve knee issues by greatly increasing the body’s natural repair cells. The treatment helps to promote natural healing and can get long-lasting results.

Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics states: “Dr. Kellum is a compassionate, committed surgeon who has care and love for each and every patient. It is Dr. Kellum’s passion to create an environment that treats and cares for the whole patient- mind, body and soul holistically. He aspires to build the full-body health and longevity of each of his patients through regenerative orthopedics, nutrition, exercise and complementary medicine.”

Full details of the newly updated service can be found on the URL above.

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