Knee & Elbow Braces Pain Relief For Sports Injuries New Product Launched

New sports brace product Neobracex has been launched, providing sufferers of elbow and knee pain immediate relief to joints and tendons, allowing them to workout or exercise as normal and eliminate post-workout pain.

Newly launched sports brace product, Neobracex, is designed to be worn during periods of activity, bringing the wearer instant joint and tendon pain relief in knees and elbows and preventing post-workout pain. Detailed information on individual products can be found on the website:

Created by the folk at Cool Karma Inc, the Neobracex sports brace comes in three categories: a tennis elbow brace, a patella tendon brace and an ACL/MCL (anterior cruciate ligament/medial collateral ligament) knee brace.

The tennis elbow brace can benefit people from many different sporting codes, including golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, fishing, racquetball, weightlifting, crossfit and so on, that suffer from ulnar nerve and cubital tunnnel syndrome, commonly known as tennis (or golfers) elbow, and forearm or elbow hyperextension.

The patellar tendon strap can benefit those who suffer from irritated kneecap, tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease or arthritis, by improving elevation and tracking of the patellar tendon, whilst the ACL/MCL knee brace serves to stabilize and compress the knee, providing relief and support from over-exercising, irritated kneecap, tendonitis and even from arthritis. People who play team sports such as soccer, or activities that involve walking, running or hiking can benefit from either of these products, depending on their knee pain issue.

The developers of the Neobracex elbow and knee braces stand behind their product, having carried out extensive trials and tests to ensure they work as they should. They have been designed to bring immediate joint or tendon pain relief, improve performance and minimise risk of injury. As the braces are fully adjustable they also offer versatility and comfort in fit.

Premium, heat therapeutic neoprene and velcro have been selected for the construction of the unisex Neobracex sports braces to ensure a quality product and making them easy to wash. The tennis elbow brace and patella tendon strap are ambidextrous whilst the knee brace is available in right or left knee configuration.

The company offers a full 100 percent money-back guarantee on all its products, currently available from the website at a special introductory price.

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