KlipEvi Releases New Review Of The Best Adidas & Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

KlipEvi was founded in 2014 and serves the soccer shoes industry. It is known for reviewing the latest indoor soccer shoes.

KlipEvi released their new review of Best Nike and Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes. In their review the latest Adidas and Nike indoor soccer shoes are discussed. 

At first the Best Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes are discussed.

The first review is about the Adidas Freefootball TopSala. The shoe is designed to provide enhanced ball feel and allow players to enjoy better control and comfort. 

The second shoe is the Adidas Mundial Goal. The Mundial line is known for its comfort and quality workmanship. The shoe offers an impressive touch, which is from the classic  Mundial line.

The Samba Classic from Adidas is considered a legend when it comes to soccer footwear. One of the most notable aspects about the shoe is its simple design. This has made it a popular option among soccer players who prefer the classic Adidas look. 

The last shoe is the Adidas FreeFootball Speedtrick. While the shoes look quite abstract, it seems they are very well thought out, since they can help a lot with controlling the ball. The choice of colors, ranging from lime yellow with red and black to lime green and neon blue is spot on, since it goes along with the sporty feel so few companies these days know how to correctly implement in the shoes.

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Than the Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes.

The first Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes review is about the Nike LunarGato II. The Lunar Gato II soccer shoes have been specifically designed with comfort in mind and because they combine Hyperfuse and very soft goat leather they are by far some of the most comfortable shoes to wear.

The Hypervenom Phelon IC is a soccer shoe that is designed to offer unmatched agility when playing indoors. It is considered one of the most advanced indoor shoe models from Nike. The cleats provide a very close fit and this makes it very comfortable.

The new Nike Elastico Superfly IC looks amazing and they can certainly help playing better especially if the next game is going to be played on turf. Design wise, these shoes are not only amazing to look at, but looking closely the low profile outsole results in a  significant improvement of agility and grip.

Flashy and tacky, that are basically the Elastico Finale III. These shoes are one of the brightest pairs of shoes Nike has ever produced and it’s certainly going to make everyone stare. The leopard print style immediately attracts attention and gives the shoes a sense of agility, while adding to their overall interesting look.

The Nike Elastico Finale II is a lightweight, low profile indoor sport shoe. This shoe is designed to make it easy to soccer and futsal players to keep the ball and remain in control particularly on linoleum and wooden surface.

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