Klein and Kafka’s 6 steps in warding off financial disaster a success

Financial disaster is one of the fears in investing. Many people perceive “alternative” investments as high-risk start-ups, quirky penny stocks, or anything that does not feel safe and secure. But for investment experts, it is better not to lose, than to accept increased risk.

(Calabasas, CA, August 20, 2020) — Banking and finance industry experts Michael Klein and Stanley Kafka’s book entitled “How to Make Sensible Investments in a Senseless Economy” became a best seller as it naturally captured readers.

The book has quenched the thirst for answers to questions people ask before delving into an investment.

They had successfully explained their business and investment in layman’s terms, according to Carol Barring.

“They provide a step by step process for making decisions. I found the book to be a short and enjoyable read and I feel I will be able to make better investment decisions because of it,” Barring said.

Brendan Hotchkiss, on the other hand, was completely hooked as he said he ended reading the whole book in a day.

“I really enjoyed how you spent time articulating the need to analyze the deal, the borrower and the collective stories of both and how they collective work, or don’t,” Hotchkiss said.

Klein and Kafka are the founders of Freedom Financial Funds, LLC (Freedom).

Freedom utilizes pooled funding provided by wealthy individuals, foundations, business managers, institutional investors and lines of credit supplied by commercial banks to provide capital for commercial real estate development projects.

The duo’s learning and experiences in 100 years of combined experience in banking and finance industry were poured in the ten chapters of the book.

Klein has over 35 years in the finance industry and company operations. He has successfully started and operated three companies and several divisions for his previous employers.

He has originated, approved, or funded billions of dollars in loans to both corporate and real estate clients during his long years in the industry.

He has worked with Union Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Wachovia Bank, and China TrustBank.

Kafka, on the other hand, has 57 years in the banking industry.

Before he joined Freedom, he worked as a managing director at PCS and an executive vice president and division manager at City National Bank’s real estate group for 16 years.

The authors have shared fascinating stories of the alternative investment world and have shown examples of how an individual can mitigate the risk for any investment.

Klein and Kafka said no formulas are needed to be memorized nor advanced mathematics needed to master to avoid financial disasters.

“You won’t have to memorize formulas or learn any advanced mathematics. The chapters simply go through what have been found to be the most important variables in the investment process and learn how to verify each one,” the book promises.

How to Make Sensible Investments in a Senseless Economy is available on Amazon.

Klein and Kafka hope that the book has equipped the readers with the insight they need in coming up with sound investment decisions.

“Use the questions to analyze the deal and assess all the crucial details that help you decide if your investment is worth the risk vs. the reward,” they said.

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