KKO Productions Creative Video Agency: How Founder Kelby Joseph Went From Actor to Narrative Savant.

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KKO Productions Creative Video Agency helps empower brands by creating digital ads and branded videos with a winning strategy.

KKO Productions is a video content makers and developers for small companies who didn't just want a video but also a headway in their space. The founder of KKO, Kelby has personally seen the long-term impact his services had on these companies and it reminded him of how hard his mother had fought to overcome all of the challenges she had endured.

Kelby Joseph, a first-generation Haitian-American, was raised in a multilingual environment. As time goes, he became aware of the impact of storytelling to inspire and empower people and discovered that stories could influence people's lives make a difference to those who heard them.

In 2009, Kelby moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. A few years into his successful career, he realized his goal was to tell stories that produced real, tangible results; and now creates and shares stories that directly impact lives.

KKO Productions was created in 2004 to create films that conveyed stories and narratives with a lasting impact. After years of dealing with larger customers, the company chose to start working with smaller organizations and people. This decision led along a road that allowed Kelby to carry out his life's mission in a more significant way.

The founder grew intrigued with assisting businesses who want to expand through innovative and creative techniques. The focus of KKO Productions shifted towards becoming the go-to video producer for any small business by combining Kelby’s acting skills with his video production knowledge. Looking back on previous video production jobs and acting career, he concluded that he is driven by his need to tell stories.

Now, Kelby and KKO Productions are the creators and developers. KKO’s new target clients are the brands and businesses that had put in tremendous effort to get their foot in the door. Their new strategy is creating and developing video content for small businesses that did not just want a video but needed one to reach the next level in their industry.

KKO Productions now have all hands on deck in guiding enterprising e-commerce businesses and emerging tech brands to take control of their narratives, lives, and ideas—showcasing their identity to the world and further establishing their visual footprint, one video content at a time.

Kelby Joseph has combined his love of storytelling and assisting people into a service that produces actual, life-changing effects. If you are a new firm looking to invest in a video production arsenal, you may go to KKO Productions' website here.

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Name: Kelby Joseph
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