K&K Industries Announces Aircraft Quality Capability For Laser Cutting Everett WA Market

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K&K Industries announces enhanced parts manufacturing capabilities by improving its laser cutting and parts bending processes to the level of aircraft quality tolerances and standards for the laser cutting Everett, WA & Pacific Northwest Markets

K&K Industries today announced the enhanced parts manufacturing capabilities that satisfy clientswho need parts requiring aircraft tolerances and quality standards.

K&K announced that is hasenhanced its manufacturing processes so it can deliver laser cutting and partsbending services to aircraft component manufacturers. Current customers havenoted that they have chosen K&K because of K&K’s fast turnaroundtimes.   K&K has streamlined its CNCcutting and forming processes to have less than 5 days turnaround time whilethe industry standard is more than 2 weeks. K&K utilizes its lasers to efficiently process material which isof particular interest to customers needing parts made from high value materials that are typically used in production of aircraft.  K&K’s equipment is optimizedto produce a tolerance of less than +-0.005 inch.    Also, K&K quotes the complete part,including all cutting and bending.

K & K Industries’ lasershave been fine-tuned to efficiently and smoothly cut up to a thickness of 1.0inch for mild steel, 0.5 inch for stainless steel, and 0.5 inch for aluminumresulting in minimum parts handling downstream of the cutting operations.   K&K Industries has also added a 3rd shift tofacilitate fast turnaround times for customers who have urgent projects or needjust in time manufacturing. It is now possible for customers to receive theirwork in 1 to 3 days if necessary.

K & K’s Cincinnati Lasersemploy rugged construction with fabricated plate steel frames that are twice asheavy as other types of laser cutting systems. The accuracy of its CNC laserexceeds most metal cutting requirements and ensures unmatched part quality.

The Dynamic Power Controlaccurately matches the required laser power to the desired feed rate for betteredge condition and higher part accuracy. This allows machine or systemcomponents to be manufactured without expensive tooling or significant set-uptime and expense.

Thus, customers save even moremoney because the cut edges of the parts do not require additional finishing,and now customers can count on even quicker turnarounds for their parts. K& K’s lasers can now cut metal parts out of aluminum, stainless steel, andcarbon steel with remarkable precision.

State-of-the-art technologymakes the K&K lasers extremely versatile tools for flexible just-in-time productionneeds and 24 hour manufacturing means just in time completion of projects isnow available. This combination makes K & K a highly cost-effective alternativeto traditional metal cutting vendors using older technologies serving theSeattle and Everett, WA manufacturing community and the Pacific Northwest Markets.

Pacific Northwest based K&KIndustries has grown to become the largest laser, router cutting, and metalforming job shop between Everett, WA and Vancouver, BC. Since it was founded in2004, K&K has earned the reputation of unsurpassed customer service throughits consistent focus on quality, efficiency, and timely production. K & Kproduces components for an incredibly diverse range of manufactured productssold around the world from tiny gears to massive ferry parts. K & K can becontacted by calling (360) 756-9700 or visiting the company’s website at: Laser Cutting Everett

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