Kitsap County Physical Therapy Work Sport Injury Certified Services Launched

Kitsap Physical Therapy, a Kitsap County physical therapy group practice, announced a wide range of certified services for clients in Kitsap County. Dr. Eric Roth now offers EIM Industrial Health certified physical therapy services including work and sports-related therapy, orthopedic and neurobiological rehabilitation and more.

Kitsap Physical Therapy and Sports Clinics, a physical therapy group practice serving Kitsap County, Washington, announced a new service provided by one of its licensed physical therapists for patients in Kitsap County.

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Physical therapy is necessary for a variety of health situations. Since the nature of the healthcare intervention is determined by the specific injury or trauma, it is important that specialized physical therapy be provided, when necessary, to reduce potential long-term negative effects and remedy the health problem as completely as possible.

Since there are many physical therapy practices offering a variety of services, it is important for those in need of industrial rehab services to consult a professional, certified therapist. Unlicensed services can cause further damage and lead to additional health and financial costs, and they might unnecessarily prolong the recovery period.

The EIM Industrial Health Certification offered by Evidence in Motion is a clinical course designed for health specialists looking to develop their skills in work-related and industrial physical therapy. Completion of the course certifies that the therapist is fully-qualified to perform a wide range of industrial and office occupational ergonomics evaluations and clinical interventions. The certification also enables practitioners to exchange meaningful information with business clients, occupational health providers, and their patients.

Kitsap Physical Therapy’s Eric Roth, PT (member of the Kingston office clinical team), and Greg Stevenson, PT, DPT (member of the Bremerton office clinical team), recently obtained the EIM Industrial Health Certification from Evidence in Motion, thus being able to provide industrial rehabilitation services for patients in Kitsap County and other areas.

The physical therapy services include work and sport-related injury recovery, musculoskeletal therapy, orthopedic neurological rehabilitation, light therapy, laser therapy and a variety of other services.

Kitsap Physical Therapy serves its patients in eight locations across Kitsap County, including Bainbridge Island, Bainbridge Athletic Club, Bremerton, Kingston, Poulsbo – NKMC and Poulsbo Village, Port Orchard and Silverdale.

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