Kitchener Dentist Finds Simple Solution to Resolve Common Fears

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Kitchener dentist finds reducing the "pain" of the cost of treatment makes patients more relaxed so there they feel less pain during treatment. This is not surprising based on research showing that being tense and stressed increases pain and being relaxed reduces pain.

A dentist in Kitchener, Ontario, was surprised to see that the need for sedation dentistry declined when the anxiety over the cost of root canals, crowns, and dental implants was eliminated.

Sedation dentistry is used when patients’ fears are so strong that they would rather continue to deal with pain rather than get treatment. The Kitchener dentist found that there was a lot of anxiety because people felt they couldn’t afford treatment and would postpone appointments, thereby letting their conditions deteriorate. When their payment arrangements were made affordable, however, their overall anxiety abated and much of their fears vanished.

Solar Dental found that the cost of treatment was the biggest fear. Patients were calmer after signing up for small, no-interest payments and direct billing.

Although this was a “discovery” for the Kitchener dentist, the relationship between the experience of pain and stress is well-established.

Jay Winner, MD, author of Stress Management Made Simple says “When stressed, your body produces hormones that increase muscle tension and pain sensitivity.”

“Many people respond to tension by unknowingly clenching their jaws or grinding their teeth during sleep,” says Penny Tenzer, M.D., an associate professor at the University of Miami.

When this Kitchener dentist figured out that reduced stress would help improve the experience of dental treatments, Solar Dental developed a nine point program to reduce the stress of working with their dental clinic including staying open later in the evening and on weekends.

According to patients have responded favorably to the stress reduction strategy:

On April 14th, Joseph D. Said, “Very quick and no pain. Best dentist I’ve had.”

On April 5th, Jodie W. Said, “Very satisfied with my experience! The staff are all very friendly and accommodating, will make you feel at ease from start to finish.”

On June 9th, Carolle said, “Great experience, that’s why I keep coming back. Friendly staff makes it welcoming.”

Fear is a major problem for dentists and patients. This dentist in Kitchener, Ontario, has successfully eliminated much of the fear by addressing other factors that add to the fear of dental treatment. All nine points in Solar Dental’s program can be found at

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