Kitchen Fire Sensor Automatic Range Shut Off Reduce Danger Safe Plugin Launched

Marsco Technologies has launched its new fire safety technology FireRanger. The CSA approved device detects cooking smoke before a fire starts and automatically shuts off the range to prevent further damage. The patented technology has received national attention for its innovative approach to fire safety.

Marsco Technologies Inc., a company that commercializes innovative safety products for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has launched its new product FireRanger. The plugin device senses cooking smoke before a fire starts reducing fire dangers and has been receiving national media attention.

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Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in North America amounting to 43 percent of fires. Despite improved awareness and education, it continues to be responsible for death, injury and extensive property damage. There are approximately 178,000 cooking fires annually in North America.

Cooking fires cause roughly $2,500 in direct property damage every minute in North America resulting in about 6,000 injuries and up to 475 annual fatalities. Unattended ranges is by far the leading hazard with 66 percent of home cooking fires being started by the ignition of food or other cooking materials.

Marsco Technologies designed FireRanger to stop kitchen fires before they start. It senses cooking smoke before a fire starts and shuts off the range. The new technology was designed to help prevent the $1.1 billion dollars of property damage that occurs each year in the United States alone from fires and has been receiving national attention.

FireRanger is a CSA approved product that is able to turn off the range at the first sign of smoke with patented technology. It is designed to be interactive by having a Keypad Lockout feature that allows the homeowner to enter a four-digit code to prevent unsupervised use of the range.

The components include a Range Plug, Smoke Sensor and Wireless Keypad. The range is plugged into the FireRanger outlet and the smoke sensor and keypad are mounted. The Keypad is also designed with a Panic Button that can keep users a safe distance away from the range in case of an accident while cooking.

The FireRanger benefits families, seniors, property owners/managers/developers, insurance companies and fire departments. To see what the national media is saying about the FireRanger technology visist:

More information on Marsco Technologies and the FireRanger is available at the website listed above.

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