Kitchen Cabinetry Ties The Kitchen Together At JKO Painting This Fall

Affordable and professional updates to your kitchen. JKO Painting reveals their new designs, colors, and techniques to refinish your cabinetry. Bring your home and family together with Painting.

JKO Painting is Calgary’s most affordable and professional painting crew when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. They provide the look at an affordable price that you deserve. Time and time again, they come in where others fail. They take the little things very seriously getting it right the first time. They don’t hide their mistakes; they make it right. Always!

The kitchen is often the place many of us share fond memories. This fall try color-coordinating your kitchen cabinets. Make them neat and clean to increase the positive vibes and good feelings—right in the heart of your family and right in time for the upcoming holidays. As you plan to gather with friends and family, consider making the kitchen the focal point of your home and let them savor in its warmth and happiness with you.

JKO painting is announcing their new cabinet painting service for this fall in the Calgary and Chestermere communities. Get a consultation from a team member. They’ll come to your home and inspect the size of the job and determine the best materials for both the preparation and painting. This will include cleaning, removing handles and nobs. A good sanding and smoothing to make the finished product look great. Then the transformation takes shape with the application of several layers of professionally applied paint. Repainting kitchen cabinetry may not be the first consideration when choosing to do an upgrade—that doesn’t break the bank. There are many benefits when choosing this option. Replacing cabinetry includes a heavy price tag, is time consuming and inconvenient. Repainting is affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly. When done by a qualified painter using premium materials, you can expect a clean and modern look that will last you well over 10 years.

Recently, JKO Painting has revealed their expertise in the way they design, color, and apply every detail of their craft to form a beautiful finished product. This is something that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Whether baking cookies with the kids, entertaining guests, or just sitting down at night surfing the internet to catch up on the latest, your kitchen will be the focal point of your home. They listen to the needs of clients. Contact JKO Painting for an estimate today and give your kitchen cabinetry a new look. Reach them at

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