Kirkland WA Vegan Soap With Biodegradable Packaging – Eco-Friendly Store Updated

Scoop Marketplace (+1-206-339-1383) has updated its Kirkland, Washington store to include a new vegan shampoo and bath soap product. The Booda Soap and Shampoo Bar, called “Suds of Love”, is certified organic and fully biodegradable.

The all-in-one soap is available now both online and for customers who visit the store in person. Every product is handmade from scratch, making it well suited to those who want to find a unique Christmas gift for friends and family.

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With the latest update, Scoop Marketplace continues its mission to provide customers with planet-friendly health and beauty products made from all-natural ingredients. The soap can be used for bathing, shaving, as a shampoo, and at the bathroom sink.

The natural combination of ingredients in the bar, which includes coconut oil, shea butter, and filtered spring water, also work effectively as a stain remover. Because it’s made using a traditional cold process, the finished product is more nourishing.

Scoop Marketplace explains that the product leaves no residue behind following use. Customers cite that it’s especially moisturizing, which is beneficial during the colder months.

Customers buying vegan soap can be sure that the product they’re getting is natural and pure. Many traditional soaps are made from a mixture of chemical ingredients, which is harsher on the skin.

Every Scoop Marketplace product is made from natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or synthetic preservatives. Customers can buy with peace of mind, and also enjoy a product that’s gentler and healthier to use.

The business has established itself as a highly regarded zero-waste grocery store in Seattle, Washington. The team strives to build a sustainable future for everyone, and continually innovates and updates its product line to reflect this ethos.

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Other products available through the online store include shaving and skincare options, personal care and health products, and home cleaning solutions.

A spokesperson states: “Suds of Love is made the slow, old-fashioned way with cold-process techniques that date back to the Babylonian Era. This means no shortcuts, machinery, or melt-and-pour methods. Each bar is unique, hand-cut, and air-dried for over two months, so discolorations and imperfections are normal and just a sign that it’s authentic.”

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