Kirkland WA Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Expert Treatment Launched

Kirkland Male Breast Reduction's board certified plastic surgeons have launched an affordable, surgical procedure for the treatment of gynecomastia in Kirkland, Washington and surrounding areas.

The announcement comes as a growing number of men are consulting plastic surgeons for treatment of gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, a common problem in which excess glandular breast tissue becomes enlarged.

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The condition, emotionally stressful for men who do not like the way their chest looks, can now be affordably treated with a simple surgical procedure by board-certified plastic surgeons.

The specialists at Kirkland explain that obesity and general inactivity cause gynecomastia, but the condition can also result from, or be exacerbated by, genetics, hormonal imbalances, excessive alcohol, marijuana or steroid use, and side-effects from medication. Diets and exercise are often not enough to restore a firm appearance to the chest. In these cases, a reduction procedure offered by Kirkland Male Breast Reduction can be the most effective and immediate option.

The surgical procedure, involving the removal of fat deposits under and adjacent to the pectoral muscles, can quickly enhance chest definition and help to improve confidence and self-esteem. Patients also find that they have less back pain and better posture. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle after surgery helps to ensure patients retain their desired chest size for decades.

A representative for Kirkland Male Breast Reduction states that not all cosmetic surgeons perform male breast reductions. However, this is one of their top three procedures, with their surgeons performing them at least four times a month over the last five years.

The representative also shared that the procedure is relatively simple and achieved using hidden incisions, resulting in an immediate, more masculine physique. The Kirkland surgeons have many “before and after” photos displaying their expertise, including “after” photos taken a year or more post-surgery.

A satisfied breast reduction patient shared: “Honestly, I’ve experienced life-changing results from the Kirkland Male Breast Reduction team. They really know their stuff. My expectations were met and exceeded. I highly recommend them if you are suffering from gynecomastia .”

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