Kingston ON Phlebotomy Workshop – Medical Training Classes Program Announced

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The Canadian College of Healthcare & Pharmaceutics announced its one-day Phlebotomy workshops for undergraduates, nurses, lab technicians and others. The training is available for participants in Toronto, Kingston, Brampton, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Windsor and other areas.

The Canadian College of Healthcare & Pharmaceutics (CCHAP) announced an update of its medical training and education resources for practitioners and students in Toronto, Kingston and the surrounding areas. The organization offers phlebotomy workshops to disseminate the best practices in one of the most important areas of day-to-day medical operations.

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The announcement comes amid increased awareness of the importance of high-quality medical processes, with the pandemic showing that even minor weaknesses in the healthcare system can lead to devastating consequences.

Phlebotomy is the process of opening the vein in order to draw blood, and is an essential procedure in a variety of healthcare settings.

The workshop provided by the CCHAP covers a wide range of topics, from basic phlebotomy terminology to patient identification and interaction, administrative steps, and sample handling. Participants will also benefit from practical training in areas such as blood collection, site preparation, and sample management.

Designed as an intensive one-day training event, the workshop is aimed at undergraduate students, nurses, medical lab technicians and assistants, and others.

The training involves small groups of students to maximise learning efficiency and ensure an optimal training experience.

At the end of the event participants will receive a workshop certificate issued by the CCHAP. To ensure the highest standards of quality, the workshop is certified by the Canadian Phlebotomy Technician Group Inc.

With the latest announcement, the organisation continues to expand its range of high-quality medical resources for health practices and professionals.

A spokesperson for CCHAP said: “The CCHAP envisions itself as a premier professional career college for healthcare and pharmaceutics professionals in Canada and globally. The CCHAP strives that the graduates of CCHAP programs demonstrate excellence in their professions. The CCHAP aims to bridge gaps in training for Canadians and New Immigrants to help them excel in their careers.”

In addition to its Phlebotomy workshop, the CCHAP also provides a wide range of other workshops, including Clinical Research Essentials, First Aid & CPR/AED, Electronic Medical Records & OHIP, and others.

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