Kindle Publishing Startup – Short E-Book Writing/Marketing Expert Webinar Launch

Acclaimed internet marketer Ty Cohen of Kindle Cash Flow announces the launch of his latest webinar, a step-by-step blueprint on how to create and sell digital products with Amazon.

This new valuable presentation is offered at no cost to attendees. The central topic focuses on how to create e-books ready for publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

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With the launch of his webinar, the marketing expert shows how designing an e-book can be done quickly by taking advantage of the enormous amount of tools available today.

Ty also stresses the fact that this can be accomplished with minimal financial investment.

In the class, attendees will learn how to produce a digital product and publish it for sale. No technical or marketing experience is required, neither is the need to know how or what to write.

Today, it is possible to compose an e-book by contracting the services of specialized writers. In this way, a person does not even need to produce their own content unless they choose to.

Once the digital product has been created, uploaded to the platform, and is available for buyers, it can become a viable source of revenue, which has been known, in some cases, to last for years.

Besides the essential material found in the no-cost training event on e-book creation, a complimentary report is included. This additional report shares the 3 steps necessary to build online businesses.

With 20 years of marketing experience, Ty has authored over a dozen bestsellers, software programs, and other successful products. With his latest class, he shows how he worked with his personal Amazon Kindle digital publishing accounts going from no sales all the way up to earnings of $30,000 per month.

The expert marketer believes that easily creating e-books has become doable for anyone who invests the time to learn and implement the steps.

Ty states: ”I share this system with anyone that wants to learn how to build a rewarding self-publishing business for themselves. This blueprint will guide them to achieve this by using Amazon and without selling any physical products.”

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