Kindle Publishing Passive Income – Instructional Training Course Report Launched

Penrith Website Services has released its latest report on the Kindle Cash Flow course for individuals looking for a low-cost means of earning supplemental income online.

In the new report, readers can learn more about a course that focuses on creating and selling digital content through Amazon’s Kindle platform, as well as details on the course’s creators Ty Cohen and Anik Singal.

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With their recent report, Penrith Website Services are helping entrepreneurs who are just starting an online business and those who are more experienced learn how to create a passive income source that requires minimal upfront monetary investment.

There are many methods entrepreneurs use the internet to create income streams to supplement their income. However, many strategies can require a large initial financial investment to build a platform, purchase tools and resources, or spend on marketing. Penrith Website Services’ new report presents readers with a lower-cost alternative with the Kindle Cash Flow course.

As the report explains, the course includes around 90 modules covering all aspects of creating and selling ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle store. By using the popular platform, sellers are paid directly by Amazon and gain the advantages of being part of one of the world’s largest ebook marketplaces.

Students of the course receive a range of guides and resources covering topics such as choosing a niche or topic for their books, writing a book that attracts the right customers, and maximising any content they create. The course also has details on outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants and how to scale their business to increase their long-term profits.

In addition to the course, entrepreneurs can download the program’s accompanying book “Three Steps to Passive Income with Amazon Selling Digital Products” by signing up for a free webinar that covers more about the course and its content.

A spokesperson for the course said, “Ty Cohen reveals how he took one of his own personal Amazon Kindle ebook publishing accounts from zero to up to $10,000 and then to up to $30,000 a month in sales.”

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