Kindle Kids Book Publishing For Parents Passive Business Program Launched

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A new online entrepreneur training program for aspiring authors has been launched. It teaches participants how to write, market and sell a book within weeks.

Jay Boyer has launched a new online training program covering how to ensure success with Kindle children’s books. Participants in the Children’s Book Formula program will discover strategies they can implement to write and publish books online to start generating passive income.

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The newly launched program has been created with the intention of providing parents with expert coaching on how they can earn more money working from home.

With the pandemic affecting the lives of everyone across the world, parents are increasingly seeking additional sources of income. Children’s Book Formula by Jay Boyer has been created to provide actionable strategies for earning more through the internet.

One of the primary reasons that the new program is well suited to parents is that it allows them to spend more time with their family. Publishing a Kindle book on Amazon is a seamless process, and once it has been uploaded, a book can generate income on a recurring basis.

Once a participant in the program has built a successful back catalogue, they can rely on it to be a source of residual income to help support their family. This gives them the flexibility they need to attain a more financially secure and free future.

As part of the newly launched program, participants will learn how to write and publish a Kindle book for children within a week. This demystifies the process and helps aspiring authors to develop a clear writing habit that can set them up for more stability.

Jay Boyer, the program leader, has published numerous bestselling books on Kindle himself. He turned to writing after his difficulties in the plumbing field after a housing crisis.

Now he’s teaching all the lessons he learned as part of this process and encouraging others to aspire to the same success. By signing up to the program, aspiring writers can learn how to find lucrative niches, write and market books, and build a freelance career that supports their family.

Full details of the newly launched program can be found on the URL above.

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