KIND Soap Company is Launching a New and Improved Website for User Convenience

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KIND Soap Company has been redoing their website for the ease of online shoppers. The site has new features like an improved search tool and recommended product categories.

St. Louis, Missouri (June 28, 2018)–KIND Soap Company has decided to update their website in order to maximize customer convenience when shopping for their favorite all-natural products. With new features like an improved search function and related product suggestions, online shopping will be made easy in order to make sure customers always walk away satisfied.

Originally built on Wix, the website has now been transferred onto WordPress. Tweaks to the design have been made to improve appearance, like fixing image size, because aesthetics are incredibly important when building any business. This way, customers are sure to look at the site and at least have a better feeling that the products they are getting are of good quality because the website is clean. The best improvements might be the added search and related product functions. When customers come to the site knowing exactly what they want, they don’t want to have to weed through a ton of pages to try to find it. With the new search tool, visitors will be able to search what they want and it will pull it up with great accuracy. Even if they are not entirely sure about the name of what they want, shoppers can search terms that are related and this tool is still likely to find the product they are looking for. Additionally, the related product suggestions will be provided when they are looking at a product so that people can find products they might not even know existed, but are just what is needed. For example, customers might be buying a friend some baby bum balm to help with his or her dry skin and in the related product suggestions a lip balm set might pop up, helping to build a perfect gift for the friend. Even better yet, these aren’t even all of the improvements being made, with talk of discounts or shipping functions being implemented as well.

KIND Soap Company is an all-natural soap company that works to have a positive impact in a multitude of ways. The name comes from the fact that their mission is to be kind to your skin, kind to the environment and kind to others. They achieve this mission through the use of products that are gentle on skin and that are free of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity. To learn more about KIND soap company’s amazing mission or products, visit their Facebook page.

KIND Soap Company

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