Kin Broden Announces Financial Literacy Nonprofit For Generational Wealth

Kin Broden, a serial investor and philanthropist, has announced the establishment of the Empowering People Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at helping individuals build generational wealth.

The Foundation was conceived to improve the financial condition and understanding of individuals and business owners. It focuses on 3 pillars: wealth building, financial literacy, and self-development toward a more positive outlook.

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The latest venture aims to actualize its founder’s passion for personal growth, education, and abundance. Moreover, it seeks to share the lessons its founder has culled in over 17 years of creating viable businesses that benefit stakeholders in various industries and sectors of society.

The Empowering People Foundation carries forward Mr. Broden’s mission to empower others, including individuals as well as businesses. He and his team have developed a range of financial programs to help participants improve their financial condition on a monthly basis. These programs cover real estate, trucking, technology, logistics, commodities, and other industries.

The Foundation’s financial literacy programs can help participants maintain and secure their assets. The knowledge and skills that they can acquire will allow them to make informed and effective financial decisions. The self-development program builds on the knowledge gained in the financial literacy programs to help individuals develop self-awareness and channel that awareness into intrapersonal success.

Mr. Broden started his first business at the age of 15, whose success allowed him to fund future his enterprises. He has been involved in a number of industries, including electronics, auto sales, manufacturing innovative technologies, entertainment, green energy lighting solutions, solar technology, software, financial funding solutions, and business empowerment.

While starting his first business, Mr. Broden also volunteered in his community and worked as a judge and competitor in professional gymnastics. As a gymnast, he achieved national ranking and competed internationally as an Olympic prospect. The enthusiasm and commitment that led him to the top levels of the gymnastics world now imbue his business endeavors.

A spokesperson for the Foundation said: “Our mission is to empower people with the ability to create generational wealth and abundance by supporting them to develop a more beneficial perspective which will accentuate awareness, expand knowledge, and turn that knowledge into profitable behavior.”

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