Kim Nguyen Launches a New How – to Guide That Helps Spiritual Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

In order to encourage spiritualists, initiates and new age businesses to understand how they can strike the right balance between earning money and leading a spiritual life, Kim Nguyen has written a self – help guide, explaining different concepts and techniques that can help immensely.

The writer, Kim Nguyen faced an immense amount of difficulty at one phase of their life. It was a dark phase with no happiness and no money. At that point, the only question that the writer seemed to find their mind flooded with was why that was happening despite being closer to God and being enlightened.

Kim Nguyen is a spiritual believer herself and is also the founder of the Holistic SEO company, encouraging more people to invest their time and effort into their well being and happiness.

This led them on a quest to discover themselves and eventually, write the brilliantly executed, ‘If you’re so enlightened why aren’t you rich or happy?’ a self help, how – to guide that has been designed specifically for spiritual practitioners. The guide has been written in lucid language that is extremely easy to understand and comprehend. Applying the concepts and principles explained in this guide will help one to understand the questions niggling at them about spirituality and success and how they can find effective solutions.

The book covers important topics as to why one, despite being spiritual and enlightened, finds that they are unhappy and unsuccessful in monetary terms and its connection to some pain or trauma suffered in childhood. It also explains how this trauma can be overcome. Besides, many practitioners are also haunted by the guilt of asking money for offering spiritual services. In the guide, the author explains if it is really right to feel guilty.

The main aim of the book is to answer the question if God actually listens to His children and if he does, why does he not provide the things that are asked for.

This book caters to professionals who need assistance in leading a healthy and happy life complete with monetary satisfaction.

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