Launches New Branch: Go-Karts for Kids is continuing to expand and announces the launch of its new branch, Go-Karts for Kids. is proud to announce the launch of its new branch, Go-Karts for Kids.

“The branch went live just last week and we’ve already seen some heavy user traffic on our website,” Jerry Kidd, the founder of Kids ATV Sale said. “Our goal has been to always offer our customers, primarily parents, a wide variety of quality products and the Go-Karts for Kids branch is a prime example of that goal. We wanted to give kids another way to have fun in addition to riding ATV’s and we thought offering go-karts as a new product was the logical way to go.”

Go-Karts for Kids specializes in the selling of go-karts, dune buggies, and other motorized vehicles for children. There are gas-powered go-karts for youth, electric powered karts for smaller children, and self-powered (pedal) options available in different colors and size ranging in those that would rival the ones at professional go-kart to others that are small and simple. Prices start at just over $100 and go up to $4,200.

“We have go-karts available for kids of all ages,” Kidd explained. “We wanted to offer a lot of options so parents could easily find the right go-kart for their child.

Kidd has seen a shift in parents’ buying happens from high tech toys, like iPads and smartphones, to those that provide more physical activity, which is why, the parent company of Go-Karts for Kids, was started in the first place. Company plans to make a just opened branch as popular as its main division – all terrain vehicles for children. 

“We saw a need to provide parents with a trustworthy place to buy go-karts and other outdoor sports equipment,” Kidd said. “We’re trying to fill a niche and I think we’re doing a good job of it.”

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