Kids Karate Competitor Wins Peacemaker Award

Presented with a Peacemaker Award and with her strong anti-bullying stance at school, Rayna Kraus martial arts training has given he an edge of great confidence to stand for what is right.

Rayna Kraus, 14, started taking Kid’s Kenpo Karate lessons in November 2013 at the TAMA Family Martial Arts Center in Kettering, OH. Initially, her grandparents wanted Rayna just to learn the self-defense skills to gain more confidence in herself. She has always had a warrior heart, standing up for others, but didn’t feel as confident in herself as she should have. In addition, at age 6 Rayna was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease that destroys the insulin-producing cells in the body and requires daily insulin through injections or an insulin pump. The idea and hoped that adding this physical exercise would help with her blood glucose levels and boost her immune system.

Rayna has progressed from white belt to green belt, taking lessons 3-4 days a week in open hand forms, sparring, self-defense and weapons (she currently uses a bo or staff). Rayna doesn’t let her type 1 diabetes stop her from intense training. As part of her program, she not only takes lessons but assists with teaching the younger children, who adore her. She spends many hours at home practicing her forms and strives for perfection under the tutelage of the black belts. Rayna has made many close friendships with her fellow TAMA students, who share her passion for martial arts.

Over the past 2 ½ years, Rayna has tremendously gained not only confidence but leadership skills and self-discipline as well. In fact, Rayna was presented with the Peacemaker Award as part of Yellow Springs’ Martin Luther King Day ceremonies for her strong anti-bullying stance at school. With her increased self-confidence, she recently joined the TAMA Kid’s Karate competition team to help hone her skills. At her first martial arts competition near Columbus, OH, Rayna took first place in all three of her events! Rayna is aiming to earn a black belt, and seeing her hard-work, dedication, and determination, she will go all the way to attaining her long term goal of becoming a Black Belt.

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