Kids Fun Pop Up Christmas Picture Book For 3-8 Year Old Children Released

A newly released Christmas book for 3-8 year old children containing over 200 pop ups has been published by Crazy Red Head Publishing. The e-book, A Mousekeeper Christmas, provides a game of hide and seek for the young believers to play between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A new Christmas themed book for 3-8 year old children with over 200 pop ups has just been released by Crazy Red Head Publishing. The e-book, A Mousekeeper Christmas, is a delightful, fun-filled experience for children that is also a pre-Christmas game of hide and seek.

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Crazy Red Head Publishing is proud of their new book, A Mousekeeper Christmas, because it will transform the way we anticipate Christmas with new added annual traditions from Thanksgiving until Christmas. The resulting games of MouseKeeper hide and seek that result, will have the children entertained for that long month of holiday anticipation. The pop ups make the book a hide and seek game as well. Mice are hiding in many of the pictures. The pop ups make the story experience interactive and educational.

Children’s books are a powerful learning aid for pre-reading age children because through listening to books read aloud toddlers learn the nuances of the English language. They pick up cadences and inflections and learn to focus and maintain their attention.

Books that have interactive elements like pop ups and tasks to perform help to engage children more and can teach them valuable life skills and lessons. The unique use of the pop ups in this book actually engage the children in a way not available with a non-digital book. Some characters in the pictures give clues in their pop ups about how many mice might be hiding in that scene and where they might be hiding. A few of the pop ups are written to make the reading adult smile as well.

The new book, A Mousekeeper Christmas, was designed with over 200 pop ups, also tells a little known story about the North Pole. The elves at the North Pole all have pet mice. These pets were originally useful as toy testers but they have now become a bit of a problem for Santa. The mice need to go on a vacation and the children of the world volunteer to take care of these hide and seek loving mice from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The children who volunteer to take care of the mice for that month long vacation become MouseKeepers of the adorable North Pole mice. This vacation season is much needed for Santa to make enough toys for all the good girls and boys or Christmas, this year, could be ruined. Santa holds a contest to find a solution and a smart six-year old named Sara comes up with this great mouse vacation idea. The reason Santa’s toy production is off this year is a pleasant surprise. Read more about these adventures in the book.

The new book is available for purchase on Amazon and comes with a free companion coloring book available on the Crazy Red Head Publishing site. More information about the book is available at the link above.

Crazy Red Head Publishing has a mission of assisting talented writers find a path to publishing helping them to paint a new future as full time professional writers. They are also partnered with the I Love To Write Day encouraging children to write at a young age.

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