Kids Art Virtual Creativity Game-like Lessons Membership Site Launched

Art for Life Blueprint just launched their new membership site delivering art lessons for kids to foster life skills in addition to artistic skills. They have special pricing for founding members.

Art for Life Blueprint just launched their new art for kids membership site to help children boost their creativity and a host of other skills through art lessons. They also launched special pricing for founding members. By adopting novel methods different from mainstream art teaching programs, the Art for Life Blueprint seeks to plant the seeds of art in the children’s hearts and minds.

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Today’s children are too attached to their electronic devices like tablets and cellphones, spending the most valuable time of their lives watching these screens. Instead of forcing children to detach from their devices, the Art for Life Blueprint has created a method of teaching art skills to make the most out of this otherwise useful technology.

Learning and practicing arts have wondrous influences on children’s personalities, helping them develop more creative, independent, and confident characters. By watching the virtual art lessons of Art for Life Blueprint, children will do something worthwhile creating art instead of aimlessly consuming content created by others.

Most children tend to get self-conscious about their creative art productions at school. Judgments by their peers might stop them from expressing themselves freely. The Art for Life Blueprint virtual lessons create an opportunity for children to move forward at their own pace, building on what they already know and focusing on those parts of the lessons that are more appealing to them.

The Art for Fun virtual classes promise to create a fun atmosphere in their visual art lessons to motivate the children to learn and boost their creativity by delivering the lessons through a game-like teaching approach.

In addition to artistic skills and creativity, the Art for Life Blueprints ignites a life-long love of arts, self-confidence, productivity, gratitude, and a sense of peace and accomplishment in children. They earn points and go to higher levels in a game-like manner, making the lessons more fun and exciting.

The virtual art classes for kids are delivered weekly, so the children have plenty of time to work on their art projects at their own convenience. What makes the virtual classes more pleasant and fun is focusing on the process rather than the product.

The art lessons for kids are interspersed with journaling and gratitude practices to help children develop a sense of peace and confidence. These practices are in line with these inspiring saying, “Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.”

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