Kidney Function/UTI Home Urine Test Kit 10 Parameter Urinalysis Strips Launched

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Just Fitter has launched its 10 Parameter Urine Test Strips that offer a convenient means of at-home testing for kidney and liver function. The pack of 100 reagent test strips is available through the Just Fitter website.

Just Fitter, a leading supplier of health and fitness products, has announced the launch of their new home urine test kit. The 10 Parameter Test Strips allow users to test themselves for urinary tract infections (UTIs), diabetes, and potential liver problems.

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The newly launched 10 Parameter Test Strips are designed to allow users to regularly test their urine for the possible presence of certain chemicals associated with UTIs and other conditions.

Scientific reagent-based urine testing techniques are a safe and relatively inexpensive means of detecting certain medical conditions. UTI, diabetes, and other medical conditions can cause the release of certain chemicals that are not ordinarily present in urine. In some cases, these conditions result in abnormal levels of certain salts, bilirubin, and enzymes.

Just Fitter’s 10 Parameter Test Strips offer a convenient at-home urinalysis. These include glucose and ketones, which may indicate diabetes or pre-diabetes. The test strips are also sensitive to bilirubin and urobilinogen, which may indicate potential liver issues.

The 10 Parameter Test Strips are designed to be straightforward to use and come with clear instructions, including an easy-to-use color chart for comparison with the dipped test strip.

Just Fitter also provides information on the science behind urine testing on their website, what conditions the tests are checking for, and links to several medical websites where further information can be obtained on urine testing, kidney and liver conditions, and their symptoms. The test strips are an indicator and not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis.

Michael Ford founded Just Fitter to provide high-quality fitness and health products. Their product range includes various urine self-testing strips, water hardness testing strips, running belts, tens machines, knee support, and comfort splints.

A spokesperson said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our 10 Parameter Test Strips. By checking for diabetes and liver issues, these simple, easy to use urine dipsticks can give early warnings of health issues and potentially save a life.”

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