Kid Friendly Christmas Game Creates Fun New Family Holiday Tradition For Parents

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Noel Shuffle is the newest Christmas family tradition. The whimsical package contains four plush gingerbread characters and an illustrated children’s book. Noel Shuffle made its debut at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Written by Jane Rogers, illustrated by Scott Oatman, appropriate for ages 5+.

Noel Shuffle is the newest and coolest Christmas family tradition. UNPLUG from technology, RECONNECT as a family, and SHUFFLE through the holidays! This seasonal game encourages family competition and togetherness through casual, continuous game play. Choose team members and team name and begin shuffling without getting caught by opposing team members. For more information visit:

The Noel Shuffle game and book were created and written by Wilmington, North Carolina resident, Jane Rogers. “The Noel Shuffle tradition over 20 years ago when my son took my handmade Christmas that spelled N O E L and changed it to L E O N. He looked at me and said “game on , Mom,” said Rogers. “We have found it to be a great way for our family to bond together during the holiday season”. Rogers is so excited to finally share her book and holiday challenge with the world.

The whimsical Noel Shuffle box set includes a children’s book and four plush gingerbread characters. The Noel Shuffle plush characters are used in a fun, team oriented, Christmas challenge for families. Game play runs throughout the holiday season and can be enjoyed by children and families, ages five and up, even grandparents can play along. To play Noel Shuffle, divide the family into two teams (Team Noel or Team Leon) then shuffle the characters to represent each team name throughout the Christmas Season. The gingerbread plush dolls can only be shuffled around when no one is looking.

Residents in the Wilmington area are able to find the Noel Shuffle box set in area gift shops, including New River Pottery, and Mike’s Farm. Children are also able to meet the plush characters throughout the season at various Christmas marketplaces and events.

The Christmas season naturally brings people together. The Noel Shuffle book and game were created to encourage family togetherness and collaboration. Jane hopes this new holiday tradition brings families together in the same way it has for her own family.

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