Kickstarter Crowdfunding – Create Successful Campaigns – Online Course Launched

The Internet Business Success School launched Crowdfunding Masterclass, a new online course on how to run successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaigns.

The Internet Business Success School, a company specializing in top-quality marketing courses for businesses, announced Crowdfunding Masterclass, a new course by crowdfunding strategist and marketing expert Anthony Lovell de Souza. The online course covers all the essential aspects needed to start and run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, making it ideal for UK business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a potential source of financing for their projects.

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The latest course from the leading marketing training company aims to provide participants with practical strategies to maximize their crowdfunding success.

By choosing crowdfunding over traditional funding, project managers can tap into an increasingly popular funding alternative.

Anthony explained: “Traditionally, if you wanted to finance a business venture you would approach a small number of investors (banks, venture capital firms, angel investors) for large sums of money. With Crowdfunding you obtain finance from a large number of individuals, each investing relatively smaller sums.”

The main focus of the new course is on how to start a Kickstarter project by implementing a series of step-by-step strategies that guarantee crowdfunding success.

Participants will learn how to choose the most adequate type of crowdfunding campaign, depending on their needs and preferences, how to find the right crowdfunding platform, create and promote their campaign using videos, and many others.

For those looking to learn how to run a Kickstarter campaign for maximum success, the course also features practical tips that have been successfully implemented by Anthony.

By offering all the necessary training to create, launch and run a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding project, the course is ideal for any marketer, business owner or entrepreneur interested in crowdfunding strategies.

For a limited time only, the course is available with a 20% discount by entering the coupon code SAVE20 at checkout.

The course is the latest launch by the leading marketing training and resources company The Internet Business Success School.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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