Kickstart Survey 2016 Mark Lyford et al Survey Overlay Software Launched

Mark Lyford et al just announced the 2016 launch of Kickstart, a survey overlay software designed to harness the power of authority sites to lower data collection costs and increase the efficiency of data collection for users.

Kickstart Survey, a cloud-based survey software just launched by Mark Lyford et al, allows users to overlay a survey on top of authority sites, media sites, affiliate sales pages, newspaper and news sites or any site, such as CNN, FOX, BBC, Economist, Oprah or anywhere online.

More information on the new software is available at:

Drawn by lower data collection costs and significant advantages in how questionnaires can be designed and administered, survey research is swiftly moving to the Web, according to the Pew Research Center.

The Center reports that due to widespread internet adoption and the speed of dissemination and collection, the low cost and efficiency of data collection online is leading most survey organizations to shift at least some data collection to the Web or to consider doing so.

Kickstart Survey is a software developed to give users the ability to capitalize on the growing trend of online surveys. It allows them to run popup surveys on any site they want. All leads generated by the survey are added directly into the content management system.

The software is cloud-based, which means users do not need to install or configure it. It contains features such as video surveys, multiple choice and segmentation. It couples with the software’s content management system to build a social profile of the user’s customers.

Kickstart Survey also includes API integration with the top autoresponders like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, iContact, AWeber and Get Response.

Available with the software is Kickstart Rewards and Kickstart Competitions, which add a level of interaction and engagement to surveys by gamifying them with contests and viral rewards. Competitions are one way the software maintains loyalty and engagement long term from customers.

Another component, Kickstart Mastermind, gives users access to tips and tricks to overcome roadblocks through its Facebook Mastermind Group and Mastermind Webinars. Questions from users can be related to the software or anything online.

Also available with the software, Kickstart Survey Agency Edition allows users to have multiple tiers, segmented campaigns for customers or for multiple projects.

More information on the Kickstart Survey software launch can be found at:

Release ID: 131210