Kibo Code by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton to Launch Soon

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Kirkland, WA – iNetWord is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the Kibo Code by eCommerce business model developers Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. iNetWord is a review site that evaluates the efficacy of a range of online and eCommerce courses. In anticipation of the forthcoming launch, iNetWord also has released a full Kibo Code review, now available at

Set to launch in January 2020, The Kibo Code is expected to be their most profitable and easy to understand eCommerce model to date. iNetWord notes that with this model from creators Booth and Clayton, potential business owners will be able to more readily set up online independent businesses without a middleman such as Amazon.

Booth and Clayton are most recently known for the massive success of a course they created and taught together in 2018, the 7 Figure Cycle. Despite some concerns from critics, the launch was a major success. Clients who took the course reported over $11 million in sales after the course launch. The Kibo Code improves upon some of the inconsistencies in the 7 Figure Cycle model, including a simplified model for eCommerce business development.

The Kibo Code is on track to beat the record set by their previous training courses. It teaches clients interested in setting up eCommerce businesses about streamlining the process and running their business. With the new business model, users will not need to connect to Amazon, partner with international suppliers, worry about stock, or even run Facebook ads. All of these things have posed problems in the past for online businesses, but according to Booth and Clayton, their newest model doesn’t require any of it.

The Kibo Code is based on a store in Tokyo, Japan, according to the creators. Using this brick-and-mortar store as their model starting point, they created a new set-up that takes out most of the middlemen in online business. Their secret is product-focused marketing, and they hope to explain that to clients in the upcoming 8-week training.

For more information about The Kibo Code and its approaching launch, iNetWord invite interested parties to check out their full review.

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