Kevlar Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves & Oven Mitts Released

New product, SPD Gloves, a heat resistant glove manufactured from fire retardant fabric, are now available for purchase via newly launched online store.

New kevlar heat resistant barbeque gloves and oven mitts have been released by SPD Gloves, a heat resistant glove manufacturer specializing in fire retardant fabric.

For more information about the SPD Gloves visit the online store via the following link:

A new online store features SPD cooking gloves, that offer extreme high heat temperature protection, with a heat resistance rating of 500 degrees Celsius. This is achieved due to a high quality, extremely fire retardant fabric used in the manufacturing procedure.

Made from 100 percent Kevlar, Aramid, Nomex and silicone materials to withstand extremely high temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius, the SPD cooking gloves’ uses are many; it can be used as: oven mitts, BBQ grill gloves, fireplace, campfire or wood burner stove oven gloves, flame resistant gloves, fire gloves and grilling gloves. The online store states that these are an ideal accessory for Big Green Egg BBQ and grill products.

Other described uses of the heat resistant SPD Glove include, as pot holders and hot pads to protect counter tops or tables. The glove offers forearm protection with a silicone grip, ideal for maximum protection whilst providing a firm grip and protecting the forearm from heat, when reaching deep into an oven, BBQ grill or fireplace. There are SPD Glove customers that have successfully used them as forearm protection whilst welding.

In addition, the SPD Glove is made with cooking industry SE Level 3, cut resistant fibre so that the wearer can keep working with knives or sharp utensils whilst holding hot pots, pans or plates. Weighing 240 grams, the SPD fire retardant and heat resistance glove comes in one size designed to fit all, including even the largest men’s hands.

The online web store does issue caution, stating that the SPD heat resistant glove is not a permanent protection against heat and flames, but what it does do is extend time to hold hot objects. It’s important to note that the gloves don’t protect against heat from hot liquids. If gloves get wet, they’re to be removed immediately and dried out completely before reusing.

It goes on to say that, in the case of very high temperatures, the sensation of warmth is felt in five seconds; there is no sudden heat but rather a slow increase in warmth. It’s likened to a built in safety feature, because the wearer will know if they’re exceeding the maximum heat with enough time to respond safely. The website also reminds customers that care should be taken when lifting hot items to avoid harm.

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