Kevin O’Leary-Backed StartEngine Launches Funding for Award-winning “HEXANIKA”

HEXANIKA is doing more than saving businesses time and money. HEXANIKA feels confident that their platform will permeate the market once more businesses see what their Smart tech is capable of.

HEXANIKA has announced the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign in partnership with StartEngine, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S. HEXANIKA, an emerging RegTech startup is helping banks and financial institutions to solve the $400 billion issue of compliance-related human errors.

Banks have more than information at their fingertips; they also have colossal management and regulatory compliance tasks on their hands. Unfortunately, the cost of data management and compliance is often so burdensome on small institutions that these businesses are forced to make tough choices about where their company is going—if anywhere at all.

In the last couple of years, $400 billion was assessed in non-compliance fines alone. That’s more than just a small error here and there, yet with ever-changing and increasingly complicated regulations, it can be nearly impossible for companies to keep up.

With its integrated AI-driven data platform and compliance marketplace, HEXANIKA provides a simplified, cost-effective and labour-efficient solution to address the $181 billion industry cost associated with regulatory compliance for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and more. This end-to-end approach provides better data quality and increased auditability to regulators. Ultimately, HEXANIKA helps to eliminate the billions in losses and fines paid by institutions that can’t keep up with compliance with their hodgepodge of manual labour and patchworked tech solutions.

Reasons to Invest

1. Appealing product: Within the $180 billion regulatory compliance industry, HEXANIKA has demonstrated that it is able to not only reduce the cost of compliance by 50% but also output better quality and transparency of data.

2. Access to Roughly 80% of the Market: HEXANIKA has already formed strategic partnerships with various institutions, providing them access to customers as well as valuable insight for enabling easy adoption of their platform within existing infrastructures.

3. Industry Validation: HEXANIKA has received multiple awards for innovation in Regtech, including a 2018 Tokyo Financial Times Nikkei Award, a 2019 MEDICI Top 20 Award, a 2020 Citi Scalability Award and many more.

HEXANIKA intends to automate the industry with its unique end-to-end solution. Within the next five years, HEXANIKA sees itself as a leader in the driverless data management platforms and marketplace for the RegTech and compliance industries. They believe their revenue potential as a one-stop-shop for compliance and financial services will soar as more and more companies experience the immense value of what they are providing.

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