Ketsali Announces New Promotion to Matt Kremser as Chief Revenue Officer

Ketsali has brought on new expertise and named Matt Kremser as new Chief Revenue Officer - Achieving revenue goals and building the strategies around maximizing revenue. in charge of Growing CONSTANT revenue.

Monday, September 27, 2020 (Dallas, TX) – Ketsali is pleased to announce a promotion to a well deserving employee. Matt Kremser takes new position as Chief Revenue Officer – Achieving revenue goals and building the strategies around maximizing revenue for Ketsali.

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Ketsali COO, CJ Martin, expressed confidence that Matt Kremser is ready to handle the job, saying: “He was promoted to CRO from Fund Manager. It was about filling the role that fit his expertise in overseeing sales and marketing strategy. This is all about revenue in the company. Matt is trained in sales and has deep experience in project management.”

CJ and Matt became friends at the Cox School of Business, where they developed a professional respect for each other. Matt originally went into software sales, working as the Sales Manager for half the USA. He later became Fund Manager for Ketsali, continuing his friendship and collaboration with CJ and his projects.

Matt Kresmer’s previous position included exploring and pursuing funding options, as well as bringing more partners onboard.

Among the new responsibilities Matt Kremser can expect to handle, the main challenges are:

– Growing constant revenue;

– Penetrating new markets & market capture;

– Decreasing customer churn: calculating losses created by churn, and counteracting those losses by increasing customer retention.

Customers and current employees alike are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Chief Revenue Officer. Ketsali has every confidence that as CRO, Matt will succeed in achieving revenue goals, and in building the strategies around maximizing revenue hereforward.

While they are based in Dallas, Ketsali’s vision lies primarily in Latin America, based on the founders’ mutual love for Latino culture. As experienced travelers, the Martins have a special love for Latino arts, dining, community, and architecture. Their mission is to offer luxury accommodations to families and work teams in the midst of the beauty of Latin America.

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