Ketone Test Strips Travel Pack from Just Fitter Makes an Impact on Amazon

The latest product from Just Fitter, Ketone Test Strips Travel Pack is quickly emerging as a top choice for many Amazon shoppers. With fifty strips per pack, this is the modified version of the same product with 150 strips per pack.

Just Fitter is pleased to reveal that their recently launched Ketone Test Strips Travel Pack has made a promising start in According to official sources, the sales volume for the product has picked up significantly over the past few weeks. It is relevant to mention here that this product is a repackaged version of the company’s popular ketone testing strips pack with one hundred and fifty strips. The new variant contains fifty strips in a re-sealable pack, and has been created based on feedback from several users.

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Ketone testing strips are used extensively all over the world, the most common application being the evaluation of the efficiency of different fat loss diet plans. Many type 1 diabetes sufferers also use these testing strips to help manage their physical condition. Whatever be the purpose, the urinalysis strips from Just Fitter have been used by thousands of users with great satisfaction. Now, in a new packaging with fifty strips per pack, the product certainly offers a great alternative for frequent travellers and first time users willing to try it out.

The functional pattern of all fat loss diet plans are focused around a specific condition of the body known as ketosis. Under normal circumstances, the human body burns glucose for the synthesis of energy. However, in the absence of insulin, it starts burning the existing body fat for this purpose. This condition is highly desirable for the success of a keto style fat loss diet, and is commonly known as ketosis. This favourable condition can be achieved by limiting the carbohydrate consumption of the body to approximently 20% of the body’s overall calorie intake.

Ketones are produced in the body during the breakdown of body fat into energy. The amount of ketone produced is directly proportional to the quantity of fat burnt. This is why the ketonic level of the body is an excellent measure of the performance of a keto diet plan. Ketones produced from fat are released into the blood as well as urine, and can be measured directly by different methods. Use of urinalysis strips is the most preferred alternative because it is inexpensive, convenient, and reliable.

The ketone testing strips from Just Fitter are made using quality ingredients and under stringent quality standards. The company informs that each pack has an unopened shelf life of two years. Once the pack is opened, the strips retain their accuracy for 60-90 days.

“Within its brief lifespan, our new Ketone Test Strips Travel Pack has received an encouraging response from the Amazon shoppers. Many of our previous customers had requested for a smaller pack of the product and it seems that we have been able to satisfy them,” said a senior spokesperson from Just Fitter.

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About Just Fitter: Founded in 2014, Just Fitter is dedicated to helping people achieve their best physical, mental, and spiritual health by encouraging them to embrace the benefits of a Keto diet lifestyle. Partnering with some of the best doctors, chemists, and nutrition scientists, the company has already helped thousands of people improve their lives in many ways including going Keto. Just Fitter also runs a popular Facebook page called createtheperfectyou, dedicated to helping people adopt the Keto lifestyle.

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