Ketogenic High Fat Low Carbs Diet For Weight Loss Beginner’s Guide Launched

Blogger Rick Daniel has released his new guide for beginners to the keto diet. It details how the keto diet works to cause the body to run on fat instead of carbs, thus leading to weight loss.

Lifestyles Unlimited has launched its new blog article. It features a motivational guide for individuals who are on the verge of giving the ketogenic diet a try.

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The new article begins by highlighting the fact that most people are unaware of the true significance of the keto diet. The site’s founder, Rick Daniel noted that he, like many others, was once trying to lose weight and curious about the ketogenic diet.

This prompted the writer to compile the article in question, with the intent to inform readers on what exactly the keto diet entails, and how it works in the body. According to him, the diet isn’t as difficult to learn and practice if one takes the time to get informed about the foods that work and what should and shouldn’t be eaten.

In addressing how the diet works, the guide informs that the body generally burns both fat and carbs. It explains that since the body is always running on fuel the way to get the fuel for it is through burning fat.

“When you start to realize that you are consuming more calories than you burn, your body begins to panic. It thinks it is getting fat. It also begins to excrete insulin in an attempt to compensate,” Rick explained.

Simply put, with the keto diet participants will be consuming fewer carbs and more fat than usual. As a result of the scarcity of carbs in the body, it will then use the fat as fuel, thus promoting increased fat burning.

Additionally, the guide explains that when one cuts carbs during the keto diet the body’s insulin is released into the bloodstream. This happens as a result of an auto-inhibitory process, which takes a load off of and allows one’s body to get back to running on fat.

Rick further explains that, “once you stop eating carbs, the metabolism begins to cool down, and your body realizes it is not burning calories as quickly. So it begins to raise its fat-burning furnace. That’s when you notice a keto effect in your body”.

The guide cautions that as one learns about and takes part in the keto diet, one should take into consideration that the body needs time to adapt to the diet change.

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