Ketogenic Diet Healthy Cleanse For Fat Loss In 21 Days Program Launched

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The availability of George DiGianni’s ongoing Keto Cleanse is being promoted. The program encourages members to partake in the Keto diet which is known to accelerate fat loss.

Fitness expert George DiGianni is announcing his 21 days Keto Cleanse program that’s available for those interested in burning off unwanted fat from their bodies. The program helps clients achieve their fat loss goals through the low carbs, high fat, medium protein diet.

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With the recently announced program, DiGianni’s clients are allowed to experience a body makeover through the occurrence of ketosis. Ketosis takes place when one has been on the ketogenic diet for some time and one’s body switches energy supply from glycogen to fat.

The ketogenic diet, according to DiGianni, was first created in the 1920s to medically treat epileptic patients. As a result of its ability to cause one’s body to run solely on the fat consumed instead of carbs like it’s accustomed to, the diet has become popular in the fat loss world.

Along with contributing to fat loss, the ketogenic diet also assists all organs and glands of the body to work at their optimal levels. DiGianni notes that since Keto is considered the strongest of any diet thus far, individuals who follow the 21-day Keto Cleanse they are likely to lose fat faster than any other eating protocol on the planet without craving unhealthy foods.

The Keto Cleanse offered by the fitness expert comes with whole foods-based supplements that the body recognizes and utilizes, an easy-to-use balanced meal plan, suggested products that are free of the most common food allergies (gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy protein), and weekly guidance from DiGianni’s expert team.

Among the supplements used in the Keto Cleanse are the Medi-Clear SGS Cleanse Powder and Meal Supplement, the Bio-Gest Supplement, and a Green Tea Phytosome Supplement. A Liver Cleanse Supplement is also included in the package.

Those who engage in the cleanse can expect a full-body, all organ and gland cleanse, and balanced micro and macronutrients for optimized metabolism. The cleanse also aids the body’s normal detoxification pathways which operate 24/7.

Given that many individuals who diet are faced with the challenge of snack management, the Keto Cleanse program provides recipes for keto-friendly snacks. These snacks have been known to curb hunger and snack cravings.

DiGianni’s program has benefited many individuals, including celebrities. The Keto Cleanse has received many positive reviews from past members.

Trevor Daley from the Dallas stars shared, “I use to have trouble sleeping. I had low energy and took naps during the day and even though we use lots of energy playing hockey, I couldn’t lose the pounds that I wanted to so I could be quicker on ice. After using the 21-day body makeover, I am sleeping all night. I have great energy all day. No more naps and I have lost 12 pounds”.

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