Keto Health Common Kidney Damage Smoking Alcohol & Painkiller Report Launched

“Your Wellbeing World has launched a new report focusing on kidney damage based on common habits. These include taking too many painkillers, not drinking enough water, smoking and alcohol abuse.

“Your Wellbeing World” has launched a new report called “9 Habits That Cause Serious Damage To Your Kidneys”. The report is part of the site’s commitment to providing high quality content to help people live more informed, healthier lives.

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The latest report on kidney damage highlights that kidneys can work with just 20% of their capacity. It’s for this reason that kidney diseases are known as silent diseases.

With damage top kidneys going unknown for years, it’s important to consider some simple things that can reduce harm to these vital organs.

The report underscores that frequent use of painkillers is a common cause of kidney damage. It’s important to never use more than the prescribed dose as a means of avoiding injury.

Not drinking enough water can also lead to kidney damage. Lack of water makes it hard to remove salt from the body, while drinking plenty of water makes it easier to flush out toxins and excess sodiums.

Other factors that cause kidney damage include using too much salt, smoking, alcohol abuse, low physical activity levels, poor sleep habits, refined foods, and ignoring bathroom breaks.

The report states: “If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, get regular checks for kidney function. The same applies if you take pain medications for chronic conditions like arthritis or pain. Too much intake of vitamins or herbal supplements may hurt your kidneys. Be watchful of such supplements.”

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