Keto Diet Without Carb Restrictions Fat Loss Energy Product Launched

A new fat loss supplement has been launched that allows customers to experience the benefits of the ketogenic diet without carb restrictions. It uses a science-based formula to obtain effective results.

A new health product has been launched called the KetoGenic Accelerator, which is designed to optimize fat loss. It uses a trusted, science-based formula designed to increase the body’s ability to burn fat regardless of their current fitness level or metabolism.

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The newly launched product gives users the benefits of a ketogenic diet without the strict carb restriction. This can lead to immediate and sustained energy fuel for exercise, and carbohydrate-free fuel for muscle and brain development.

Data from the National Library of Medicine shows that the role of very low carbohydrate keto diets in the long-term management of obesity is not well established. However, ketones have a range of benefits, and KetoGenic Accelerator can help with this.

Benefits of the supplement include reducing hunger cravings, burning visceral fat, and supporting HDL cholesterol levels within normal ranges.

Those who take the supplement will be able to encourage a metabolic shift away from glucose dependence. KetoGenic Accelerator also supports healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges.

Dr Oz explains that the body is able to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel, leading to rapid and substantial weight loss. Many users also report increased energy levels, while also less cravings for sugary snacks and treats.

The site states: “Ketosis is the state where your body is actually burning fat for energy instead of carbs. Without supplements, Ketosis is extremely hard to obtain on your own and takes weeks to accomplish.”

KetoGenic Accelerator uses no fillers and all Beta-hydroxybuturate (BHB), which makes it one of the most potent formulas available to the public. BHB is a ketone that the body makes when it’s running on fat instead of carbohydrates. This is proven to have a number of benefits in the human body, including rapid fat burning.

Research shows that the brain can absorb ketones very quickly, which helps to protect neurons and synapses. They can also lower neuro-inflammation and support healthy brain function.

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